That's one of the reasons we are here. Our objective is to ensure that your artwork, photographs, ephemera, historical documents and items of sentimental significance are housed in a safe frame. We do not cut corners in order to be cost-effective; we believe in honesty and integrity. We keep up with museum-quality framing improvements and research in order to bring you the best products and methods of housing artwork. While many framers claim to use only the best materials, we actually do. All stock materials are fully archival and meet the highest conservation standards. We prefer to take the time to explain the best choices and then allow you to make an educated decision because we have seen the damage that poor framing techniques have inflicted on valuable works of art, necessitating a trip to the restorer, or even worse, causing irreversible damage.

We are experts in all areas of framing, from photographs to textiles and works on paper to unusual objects. We are creative and are adept at problem-solving. We take great pride in our work and do not have a factory-style approach to framing in our studio— each piece is given individual consideration and is framed in-house.

Give us a try and you'll see the difference.

Services and Goods offered include:

* in all hardwoods (natural, stained and painted finishes); antique and modern lacquers; gold, silver, platinum & composition leaf; welded steel and aluminum (polished, brushed or powdercoat finishes); handcarved, etc.
* in a broad range to accommodate all styles and budgets.
* in both regular and UV-filtering varieties.
* in a variety of profiles and colors.
* in 4, 8 or 12 ply, as well as French mats, hand-wrapped fabric mats & gilded mats.
* of works on paper and textiles or objects using fully reversible techniques.
* of all types, including regular, UV-filtering, anti-reflective, low-iron and museum glass varieties and regular, abrasion-resistant and UV-filtering acrylic glazing.

of all types.

We can also advise you and/or make arrangements for you with reputable providers of the following services:

* of your artwork prior to framing.
* of antique and modern posters and contemporary photographs.

Please note that we honor your expectation that your work will be handled appropriately and professionally and that it will be ready when promised. Rest assured that we do carry insurance to cover any artwork left in our care. Rush orders are accommodated when possible for a reasonable fee.

Curious about pricing?

We would be happy to provide you a quote free of charge. You will need to be prepared with the measurements and an idea of what you would like. We will gladly assist you in making choices and will answer any questions you may have. You may request a quote either in person or by phone or email.

Above photos by Kevin Trageser. © 2009 All rights reserved.