Rhett Butler
E.R. Butler Co.
"Absolute dedication and perfection, each and every time."

Christopher Dawson
"I love White Mule Picture Frames. The frame selection is excellent, and the service is always personal, courteous, and reliable. Additionally, it's a pleasure to visit and see what new pieces of vernacular art Anne has found and framed on the walls."

Anne Delaney

Louise Despont
"Simply the most knowledgeable, patient, precise, and skillful framers in town. The shop its a treasure trove of possible housings— a paradise for papers and images, and always a pleasure to visit.
If I were a drawing I would want Anne to frame me."

Elizabeth Felicella

Adam Fowler
"Anne has a level of knowledge about framing and conservation that gives me the confidence that my work will be treated well while in her care and will hold up to time and the elements for generations."

Fred Gutzeit
"Anne first framed my work more than 15 years ago. I have sought her out through the years because I trust her esthetic judgement. It's a real collaboration to do framing with Anne. It's working with another artist. And the quality of the work has been superb—Anne gives you the attention to discuss various possibilities. But left to her own devices she does a great job. We did a museum show and then work that I had collected which I have come to call my inspiration wall. She did a wondreful job with that!"

Rachel Hulin
Read what Rachel has written about White Mule in her photography blog.

Stacy Renee Morrison
"Walking into White Mule Frames is like entering a wonderland of curiosities. In Anne's phenomenal studio space, along with her keen eye, it is impossible not to be inspired!"

Herbert Pfostl
Blind Pony Books
"Most welcoming and exciting framer in town. Marvelous framing always and always in the spirit of the work!"

James Porto
"I have been working with Anne Gibbs at White Mule Picture Frames has for many years for all my framing needs. She is my framer because her work is exquisite, precise, immaculate, and aesthetic. She is also incredibly fair with her prices and stands behind her work even years up the road."

"I've been working with Anne at White Mule for many years. She has great taste and the quality of her work is fantastic. I know that she can help me with all of my framing needs no matter how big or small or unusual."

Peter Sutherland

Fred Taraba
Taraba Illustration Art
"Anne has framed a huge variety of things for me... from large oil paintings to tiny tiny drawings and even a full-sized book (beautifully framed in the open position to show the author's inscription and drawing). In addition to the quality of the frames and service, it is the creative approach that keeps me coming back. Being particular about framing, there's no place else I'll go for important projects. Considering I live 2000+ miles away, that's a ringing endorsement."

Kevin Trageser

Eric van den Brulle
EVB Creative Inc.

Eric Weeks
"Anne has an impeccable eye for proportions and aesthetics. She works hard to find the right balance for my work. I always have a pleasant experience at White Mule."

Top 3 photos by Clarence Klingebeil, bottom photo by Kevin Trageser. © 2009 All rights reserved.